Yonathan Zohar

Yonathan Zohar is Professor at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology,
Chair of the Department of Marine Biotechnology and Head of the Aquaculture
Research Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. His expertise covers
the application of biotechnology in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. The primary
focus of his research is on basic and applied aspects of fish reproductive physiology and
endocrinology. He uses endocrine, biochemical and molecular approaches to study
interactions along the brain-pituitary- gonadal axis leading to reproductive development,
gamete maturation, ovulation and spawning. He builds upon his basic research to
develop applied technologies for broodstock management, spawning induction and for
generating reproductively sterile fish. Professor Zohar has published over 230 peer-
reviewed papers and book chapters and is the inventor of 10 issued international patents
in aquaculture and biotechnology. He has worked extensively with the aquaculture
industry in the US and globally.