Program Schedule

The 11a. Edition of ISRPF will continue the tradition of being a compact symposium and without parallel / simultaneous sessions, thus allowing all participants to attend plenary lectures and oral presentations. Particularly due to the fact that in Amazonia there is one of the most spectacular reproductive migratory strategies of fish on the planet, where large catfish migrate through practically the entire Amazon basin, from the mouth of the Amazon to the headwaters of its tributaries; As differential of the event we will have a specific session on migration and reproduction of neotropical fish (Migration / Reproduction of neotropical fish).


Still, whenever possible renowned women researchers will be lecturers. In addition, in coordination of the different sessions of the event, we will seek to have experienced researchers and world reference, together with young and promising researchers. We hope that the structure of the event will lead to greater interaction between researchers from different areas of reproduction and related areas, as well as greater contact between researchers and professionals with students, thus creating an environment conducive to scientific discussions and establishment of partnerships and collaborations.


The poster sessions that will take place during the event will also


Interactions and discussions among participants. The highlights of this symposium, as well as the plenary lectures, should be published at the invitation of the General and Comparative Endocrinology (Elsevier), which has an impact factor of ~ 2.7.


The preliminary program is below:


11th ISRPF – Manaus 2018 – June 3-8

One invited state-of-the-art per sub-session, followed by 3 selected oral presentations from the abstracts.

Sunday – June 3

  • Welcome Reception – Evening


Monday – June 4

  • Opening plenary
  • Sex determination (1st morning session)
  • Sex differentiation (2nd morning session)
  • Stem cells and spermatogenesis (1st afternoon session)
  • Spawning, fertilization and sperm-egg interaction (2nd afternoon session)
  • Poster session 1


Tuesday – June 5

  • Plenary lecture
  • Oogenesis and vitellogenesis (1st morning session)
  • Ovulation and egg quality (2nd morning session)
  • Pheromones and Behavior (1st afternoon session)
  • Integrative 1: Migration/Reproduction of neotropical fish (2nd afternoon session)
  • Poster session 2


Wednesday – June 6

  • Excursions and other activities.


Thursday – June 7

  • Plenary lecture
  • Brain-pituitary system (1st morning session)
  • Pituitary-gonad system (2nd morning session)
  • Integrative 2: Aquaculture and Genome-Environment Interaction (afternoon session)
  • Poster session 3


Gala Dinner – Evening


Friday – June 8

  • Plenary lecture
    • Integrative 3: Endocrine disruption
  • Poster prize and other award ceremonies
  • Closing remarks