Meeting Symbol

Fish symbol of the congress: Pirarucu (Arapaima gigas)

Arapaima gigas, also known as pirarucu, is a species of arapaima native to the basin of the Amazon River. Once believed to be the sole species in the genus, it is among the largest freshwater fish. The species is an obligate air-breather and needs to come to the surface regularly to gulp air.

The species is among the largest known freshwater fish, commonly measuring 200 cm and exceptionally reaching lengths of up to 450 cm. Adults may weigh up to 200 kg. A. gigas has a streamlined body with dorsal and anal fins set well back towards the tail. While the body is mainly gray to gray-green, its Brazilian local name “pirarucu” derives from an indigenous word for “red fish”, thought to refer to either the red flecks on the scales towards the tail, or the reddish-orange colour of the filleted meat.