Julien Bobe

Julien Bobe received his master degree in aquatic biology from the University of Rennes
(France) in 1997. He moved to the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) in 1998 where
he received doctoral training in molecular biology and fish reproductive biology under the
supervision of Pr. Frederick W. Goetz. In 2001, after moving back to France, he gained his
PhD degree from the University of Rennes. He then joined the INRA (French National
Research Institute for Agricultural Research) Fish Physiology and Genomics laboratory in
Rennes were he worked as a principal investigator on the molecular mechanisms of egg
developmental competence in fish. He is now working on maternal-effect coding and non-
coding genes in model species and on the evolution of gene expression after whole-genome
duplication in fish. He as been leading several major projects funded by the French National
Research Agency (ANR) including the PhyloFish project (http://bit.ly/2EEm2pb) and the
Maternal Legacy project (http://bit.ly/2FgIJNo). Since 2016, he is the director of the INRA
Fish Physiology and Genomics laboratory, an institute gathering 12 permanent researchers
working on reproduction, growth and flesh quality, and behaviour.